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The Beginnings of Something New and Exciting

Greetings, my friends!  Thank you for visiting my new blog!

I’m brand new to blogging, so please bear with me if I start to ramble.

First off, a little about me.  My name is Greg Thompson, but the Starbucks baristas call me Gregorius. Why?  Because that’s the name I give them when I order my mochas.  If you don’t know, Gregorius is the Latin for Gregory.

I recently did something either crazy, stupid, or smart.  I suppose time will tell.  What did I do?  I quit a very lucrative job in software development, sold my condo in Seattle, and moved into a little apartment in Bend, Oregon.  It’s been 3 weeks since the move, and … I’m loving it!!!!  Ha ha haaaaaa.

Since I’m now living in Bend, the subtitle of my new blog is “Life on The Oregon High Desert”.

If you don’t know, Bend is located just East of the Cascade mountains, on what is known as the high desert of Oregon.  If you look at the map, Bend is about smack in the middle of Oregon. Elevation here is about 3,600 feet.  It is often dry, cold, and windy.  At least, during the Winter. Not a place for “cup cakes”.  Heh heh.

image of bend, oregon from atop pilot butte

Ok.  I’m starting to ramble so I’m going to wrap up my first post.  I will close this post with these words. The purpose of this blog is to just document my transition from well-paid Seattle brogrammer to no-paid Oregon blogger, and also describe a bit about the Bend, Oregon lifestyle.

That’s pretty much it.

I think I have some fairly interesting hobbies, experiences, and views on life that people might find interesting and enjoy reading about.  Also, I’m sure I will have much to write about the Bend lifestyle. This is sort of a weird, smallish town, and I’m excited to document what I discover about it.

I know there are many of you who often wonder what it would be like to cast aside the corporate security blanket and bust a move out of the big city.  Well, follow my adventures on this blog and let’s discover together!  So, with that, standby for more posts and …

Have a most wonderful day, my friends!


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