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The Bend, Oregon DMV and Learning WordPress

Hi Friends!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

My adventures in the Oregon high desert and Bend continue!

Yesterday, I wrapped up some of the last bit of chores that any new resident of a state is required to take care of.

One of those would be the dreaded DMV.  Aaaaggh!  For me, I got a double dose of the DMV, as in addition to driving a car, I also ride a motorcycle.  I actually took care of the car a couple days ago, and yesterday was the motorcycle bit.  It wasn’t too terribly bad, truth be told, if you take the time to pick through the DMV website and show up  prepared.  Otherwise, you’re going to wait in line ( or queue, as the English say ) for a couple hours, and be told to return with so-and-so missing document.

Yesterday’s motorcycle bit was adventurous as I had to make a 15-mile ride in 32 degree freezing temps.  I’ll get into my motorcycle adventures in future posts.  Suffice it to say, it was “fun”.

image of my motorcycle

I also made some more progress in learning WordPress, which this blog runs on, and how to tweak things so’s my blog looks the best that I can imagine it to look.  Expect to see the look and feel of this blog change, as I learn the WordPress magic.

What else.  Ah.  I wrote up an About page that explains a bit about my past and why I’m doing what I’m doing and how I came to end up in the middle of Oregon.

It’s the usual story.  20 years in the IT industry punching out code for various companies in big, crowded cities.  Dealing with traffic, and high housing costs.  I decided life is too short for that and decided to … as the 80s rapper Young MC says …

“Bust a Move!”.

Ok then.  My stomach be grumbling, so I’m going to head down the street and see what I can find for lunch.  Being Bend, I’ll probably have to grab me a pint of beer, also.  Bend is famous for its abundance of craft breweries, if you didn’t know.

Until the next post, my friends!  Cheers.

2 thoughts on “The Bend, Oregon DMV and Learning WordPress

  1. Andrew Perry

    I tried hard not to be one of those ” Surrounded by grumpy, stressed-out people.”

    I hope I managed it and I hope I get a welcome if I come visit?

    1. Gregorius T Post author

      Hi Andrew. Ha. You were certainly not one of the grumpy ones!

      I was primarily referring to the people out and about on the highways and streets. Seattle is so crowded, and full of people going for the big money. It’s makes people stressed.

      Have you been to Bend? It’s so beautiful here. Of course, you would be welcomed. I might even buy you a pint. 🙂 I hope all is well at the big D. Tell everybody I say hello. Cheers mate.

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