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I Dang Near Froze Me Fingers Off!

Hey All!  Today started off on a rather interesting, and cold, note.

One of my gigs ( Have you read my post on the gig economy, yet? ) is aerial photography.

Yup.  That’s right.  I’m one of those freecken annoying drone dudes!  Aaaaaaagh!  With that being said, I generally try not to fly anywhere near people, as I’ve grown weary of them approaching me and asking “How high does it fly?”,  “How long does the battery last?”.  Also, I realize drones perturb the crap out of people.

So, here in Bend, now that I’ve pretty much settled into a routine … You know, crawl out of bed, splash some water on the face, get the coffee going, sit down at the desk and check email, read blog comments telling me how I’m an asshat, drink two cups of coffee, do my morning business … OK!  You get the point.

I forgot to mention, since I work from home, I do all of this in my tightie whities.  Yeaaaah!  Life is good!

Ok.  Back to my original topic … As I was saying, since I have a routine now and I’m more settled in, I’ve been able to get to work on my money-making gigs.

One of those being, capturing aerial images using my wonderfully amazing drone.  Preferably, for paying clients.  The keyword here being “paying”.  And yes, I do have my FAA remote aircraft pilots license, that allows me to legally charge for my drone services.  Just wanted to point that out before dudes post comments that I need to be licensed.

So, as I was saying, I get up early this morning, we’re talking 5:30 AM here, so’s I can get an image of a nearby hill called Pilot Butte.  This is a volcanic plug that is dang near situated smack dab in the middle of town.  Like I said in a previous post, Bend is sort of a weird town.  I have to get up early so’s I can get this shot during the sunrise, as that is when the light can be really splendid.

I jump in my car and drive the few miles to the hill.  I quickly notice that it’s about 18 degrees outside.  Fahrenheit that is, in case anybody from the modern world is reading this.

Remember, this is the high desert.  Cold and dry.  This is no country for old men ( and I’m an old man ).

I arrive at my launch point and firstly, I need to warm up the drone battery.  These types of batteries don’t do well in the cold.  Best way to warm it up is to stick it down the pants.  Yes! Serious!  If you ever have a battery crap out because it’s really cold, for instance your smart phone, just stick it down your pants for a few minutes.  It will come right to life!  Abadda-boom! Abadda-bing!

I get the battery warmed just as the sun is coming up.  The light is starting to hit the hill and the mountains in the background really well.  I send the drone up and start firing off shots.

aerial image of pilot butte

It doesn’t take more than a minute before my fingers are numb.  Oy!  This is not good!  And, it’s painful!  The reason It’s not good is not so much as I’m in pain, but because I need to work the drone controls to get the dang drone back down!

Well, can you guess what I did?  Yup, stuck my hands down me pants!  ( Ok, just joking.  Hands under the armpits work just as well. ).

Well, so to wrap up, I was able to get the drone down.  I jumped in my car and skedaddled back to my place, where I had one more cup of coffee left in the pot.

Yes.  The life of a photographer can be hard.  Especially, the new genre of drone aerial photography.

By the way, I’m going to be adding a page that will give the full skinny on my drone aerial photography services.  This page will include a contact form.  In the meantime and in a nutshell, a 100 bucks per image, 200 bucks per 30 second video ( Perhaps, 40 seconds if you ask nicely ). You only pay for the images you decide you want.  That’s it.  Pricing is nice and simple.  Drop me a comment if you’re interested.

aerial image of house

You can see more of my arial shots here:

My Aerial Shots on

Cheers Mates!!!!



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