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A Word on Spoken Moto

Hey There, my friends.  I hope your last week was better than mine.

spoken moto art

You may have run across this flu bug going around.  I picked it up about a week ago, and I’m just now back on my feet.  I have to tell you, it was a real butt kicker.  I can’t remember the last time I got a sickness this bad.  Seems, this year, my number came up.  I thought getting a flu shot might keep the odds in my favor.  Nope, despite getting a shot, I still ended up on me back, like a drunk dude coming out the wrong side of a bar brawl.

I was just glad I didn’t have to deal with the stress of a full-time corporate gig.  As you may recall, I work side gigs on my own schedule.  This is really convenient when it comes to gettting through a sickness.  The key is to lay around and do NOTHING!  That’s exactly what I did, for dang near an entire week.  Now, I’m tan, rested, and ready to ROCK AND ROLL!

With that being said, I was able to get out of the crib today and visit one of my favorite Bend hangouts.  It’s a place in the Old Mill district called Spoken Moto.  This is a rather different and unique place.  It’s a combination motorcycle restoration garage, coffee house, and beer hall.  Seeing as how I love riding motorcycles, love coffee, and love beer … Schwiiiing!!!

What a perfect combo, eh?

When you first step into the place, you’re greeted with the sweet aromas of engine oil and espresso.  The two smells together might not sound so appealing, but I found it to be quite lovely.  Then again, I don’t mind the smell of engine oil at all, seeing as how I do ride a motorcycle.  I believe it to be a very nice fragrance.  Hm, perhaps I’m onto something.  A men’s cologne that contains the essense of engine oil.  Ka Ching!

Ladies?  Thoughts?

spoken moto coffee

Anyhow, back to Spoken Moto.  On one side of the building is the restoration garage, where old motorocycles are restored back to like-new condition.  On the other side, is the espresso bar and beer taps.  Near the espresso bar are a bunch of tables.  On any given day, these tables are often occupied by a bunch of millennials, sitting with their laptops and working on “the next big thing”.  In other words, working a gig.  Remember what I said about the “gig economy”?

inside spoken moto

During the evenings, you can often find live local bands playing.  The restoration garage part of the place is shrunken down, and the live band sets up.  During this time, of course, is when the beer taps start flowing, and good beer it is.  Bend is awash in great local beer!

It’s these types of weird and eclectic places that drew me to central Oregon.  You can find them scattered throughout the Bend area, and points further yonder.  I intend to seek, and discover these places, especially as the warm weather approaches and I spend more time on my bike.  Standby for future posts on the weirdness of Oregon.

Ok my friends, speaking of riding, today is shaping up to be rather warm and sunny.  Seeing as how I work my own schedule, it’s time to go for a RIIIIIDE!

Peace Out!





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