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Let’s Git Wild and Woolly in Wyoming

Hey there, my good motorcycle riding buddies!  How ya all doin?!

I hope you’re all gettin out, and enjoying the last bits of the riding season!

Speaking of, hear me now and hear me later, when I tell you that I have an announcement to make.

I just received a call from a woman, whom I met on the beaches of Mexico, about two years ago.


Ha.  No, no.  I’m jokin on ya, bros.  I’m jokin on ya!  I don’t have a kid ( At least, not one that I know of. ), but I am taking off on the biggest ride of the season!

We’re talkin 7 days and almost 2,500 miles of riding goodness, baby!

I’ll be joining a couple of my good riding buds, that I’ve known since childhood.

I’m the red-headed dude, with thumbs up.  My two riding buds are the twins.  We’ve known each other since we were little shits in grade school.  One thing I’m grateful of is to still have childhood friends that I see on a regular basis.  And, even better, that I ride with!  I think that’s a rare thing, in this day and age.  Just a suggestion, if you have such friends that you’ve lost touch with … try to reestablish contact.  Trust me.  It’ll be worth it.

The three of us are going to be on the road for 7 days, riding the twisty mountain highways of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Take a look at the image below.  That’s what we’re talkin bout, son!

Here’s how the ride is going to go down:

Day 1:  Bend, Oregon to Pendleton, Oregon – 233 miles

Day 2:  Pendleton, Oregon to Lewiston, Idaho to Missoula, Montana – 411 miles

Day 3:  Missoula, Montana to Ringling, Montana to Red Lodge, Montana – 404 miles

Day 4:  Red Lodge, Montana to Buffalo, Wyoming – 298 miles

Day 5:  Buffalo, Wyoming to Riverton, Wyoming to Idaho Falls, Idaho – 429 miles

Day 6:  Idaho Falls, Idaho to John Day, Oregon – 441 miles

Day 7:  John Day, Oregon to Bend, Oregon – 151 miles

Total Miles – 2,367

How’s that for a ride, son?

And, because my readers are near and dear to my heart, I’m going to try my best to provide ya alls with end-of-riding-day posts.  I’ll post a couple pics, and a bit of text, at the end of each day.  But, don’t expect a rambling post, like I usually do.  I’ll have only my little phone with me, and as you all know, pecking out a post on a phone is a real pain ( Unless you’re a millennial, that is. Heh, heh. ).  But, you need not worry.  I’ll provide enough description to get your riding juices flowing.

Ok, my buds, keep an eye open for my first post, eh.





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