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The Winter Doldrums

Hi there, my riding buddies! I hope you all are enjoying the Winter. At least, those of you who reside in the northern hemisphere. For those riding buddies in the southern hemisphere, you’d best be racking up the riding miles!

I just thought I should post something, since it’s been so damn long since my last one. I took a look, and saw that my last post was way back in September, written after having completed my epic summer ride.

Damn, was that ride fun! I cannot wait until riding season begins again.

So, what have I, during these cold Winter days, been up to? Like a lot of you, I’ve just been pecking away at the keyboard, doing the work thing. I’m fortunate in that I do IT work on a contractual basis. This allows me some freedom in deciding when to do the full-on work thing, versus spending more time on the bike. Of course, this intermittent work schedule affects my income, but, you know what? There is so much more in life than just money. I make enough to live comfortably, and ride my bike. I’m very much OK with that arrangement!

I haven’t been totally away from the motorcycle scene. It’s my true passion. I’m always involved, to one degree or another.

For those of you familiar with the site, ( I should get compensated by Meetup, for this. ), I started a new Meetup called “Central Oregon Motorcycle Touring”.

Central Oregon Motorcycle Touring

Bend, OR
13 Members

Hey All! This Meetup is all about touring the backroads of Oregon on our wonderful two-wheeled steeds. As you may know, Oregon is a mecca for motorcycle riders that enjoy gett…

Next Meetup

Pre-Riding Season Gathering – Coffee and Beer

Sunday, Jan 27, 2019, 3:00 PM
3 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

I’ve already got 13 members, and it seems to be steadily increasing. Meetup is exactly how it sounds. People with the same interest get together, and enjoy each others company. I’ve got my first meetup scheduled. It’s just a simple one, which will be at an iconic place, here in Bend, Oregon, where motorcycle enthusiasts tend to gather. It’s a place called Spoken Moto. I posted about it here:

If you happen to find yourself anywhere near Bend, Oregon, please do take a look to see if any meetups are coming up, and swing on by.

Ok then, I’m going to wrap this post up. I’ll just end it with … yup, you know it …

Ride HARD, Ride GOOD, Ride like you know you SHOULD!



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