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The Lunch-Time Ride

Today, I was sitting at my little desk, here in my home office, and looked out the window.

Sunny and warm!  Yup, let’s git on the bike!

I’m fortunate to live in central Oregon, where it’s often sunny and warm.  I also work out of my home office, and have a lot of control over my daily schedule.  In addition, I live in the city of Bend, which is surrounded by miles and miles of fun, twisty roads.  All within minutes of my home.

I jumped on the bike, and did a 2-hour loop, up through Terrebonne.  Terrebonne is a little town, just north of Bend.  Rock climbers should be familiar with Terrebonne, as the Smith Rock state park is just outside the town.

Smith Rock is a famous rock climbing area, and used to offer some of the most difficult climbs in the world.  Back during my climbing days, I spent many a day on those rock walls, trying to link the moves to get to the top.


After a couple hours of glorious riding, I returned to Bend, and enjoyed some fine food-truck cuisine at one of my fave hangouts, Spoken Moto.

So, that’s all I wanted to say, for this post.  Back to my German language studies, I go.

I hope all of you are able to git out on the bike, and partake of the goodness of the lunch-time ride.  Cheers.

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