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The Ingredients of Happiness

The other day, as I’m oft to do, I was out on my bike, enjoying another glorious ride.

I was out in the middle of nowhere, on a back country road.  No cars were around.  There wasn’t much of anything around, truth be told, but it was still very pleasant, and beautiful.

As I’m oft to do, while touring down the country highway, I got to pondering.

I thought to myself, I’m very happy right now.  Actually, despite having recently tacked on yet another year ( 53 ), I’m probably more happy than at any other phase in my life.

Why is that?


I think, at least for me, it has to do with what I refer to as the “Ingredients of Happiness”.

Please allow me to share them with you:

  • Health.  If you are dying of an incurable disease, no amount of money, material wealth, or anything else, will be able to help you out.  Many a multi-millionaire has died, thinking “If only I could buy a cure for that which is killing me, I would gladly give it all.”.  Even the poorest person on the planet, who is in good health, is more wealthy than a dying millionaire.  Health is priceless.
  • Friends and Family.  Loneliness will eat you up.  Even so-called loners will often admit that they would be happier, if they had some friends and family around.  Humans are social beings.  We evolved to be most happy, and satisfied, when around others, that care about us.  The U.S. has some of the highest rates of depression, right now.  Much of it has to do with people moving to cities, far from their friends and family, in pursuit of career success, and wealth.  They quickly find out that money does not bring happiness.  It may help, a bit, but life is about experiences, and those around you.  Not the next corporate promotion.
  • A Special Someone.  This is sort of a corollary to Friends and Family, but it takes it a step further.  For most people, life satisfaction, and happiness, have not been fully achieved, until you have met someone who you truly love, and that person truly loves you.  Until you have that person in your life, then nothing else much matters.  All the money, cars, houses, and other material crap, will not make a difference.  And, please let me be clear, it has to be someone who loves you from the heart.  Not because of your money, job, or some other BS.  Sadly, at least in the U.S. many people never meet their Special Someone.
  • The Freedom to pursue your Passion.  Lastly, the final ingredient that I believe will bring complete happiness is, having a passion, and having the freedom to pursure that passion.  As you all, hopefully, should know by now, my passion is, touring on my motorcycle.  And because I worked hard, made some smart decisions, and also made some financial sacrifices, I have the freedom to pursure my passion.  Life is good!

I’m going to leave it at that for now.  Perhaps, I will extrapolate on some of these topics, in a future post, but for now, I’ve got some friends that I need to hook up with, so’s we can discuss our next riding adventure.  Also, just so you know, I went on a long hike this morning, after a wonderful, solid nights sleep, and it felt great.  I’m now at my optimum weight and fitness.  My health is outstanding!

Alas, my more astute readers may have noticed, I only mentioned three, of the four ingredients.  Perhaps, one day, the fourth will come my way.  Alas, I can only be patient, and hopeful.  Cheers.


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