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Use that Car for Guard Action!

Hey there, my good riding buds.  I hope you all are having a fantastic day!

Yesterday, I was once again on my bike.

I went on a wonderful ride, here in central Oregon.  It was the classic Fossil – Antelope loop ride.  About 300 miles of outstanding riding through twisties and hills.  The weather was a nice and comfy, 80 degrees and sunny.

As I was returning to Bend, on Highway 97, which is a notoriously dangerous highway, I got to thinking how I use the cars on the highway to protect myself.

Yup, you done heard that right!  I use them “cagers” for protection!


Let me explain.

In American football, when the guy with the ball is running down the field, he will often have some fellow team mates running right alongside him, or in front.  These team mates will block, or “take down”, any opposing players that are getting close to the runner with the ball.  This is what is referred to as “guard action”.

I do the same with cars on the road.  Especially, when I’m riding down a four-lane boulevard, in a city, or suburb.  As I’m approaching an intersection, if there is a car in the adjacent lane, I will often get right up alongside the car.  Keep in mind, you will want to be far enough up alongside, so’s you’re not in the driver’s blind spot.

I use the car for “guard action”.

Any car pulling out, or turning left, will most likely see the car that I’m using for guard action, eh.  A lot of motorcycle accidents happen when the rider is not seen.  Using a car for guard action helps with this, as drivers will most certainly see the other car, even if you’re not seen.

On the highway, I will often use a car for guard action to protect against oncoming traffic, or wildlife jumping out.  I will trail behind a car and use it for blocking action in front of me.  Keep in mind, you have to allow enough distance between you, and your “guard”, so that if the car does hit something, you have some time to stop and / or pull onto the shoulder.

So there you go.  I hope that was not too confusing.  Just think of it this way.  Cars do not always have to be a danger to us little guys on two wheels.  Sometimes, they can be our protectors.  Cheers.

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