Gregorius T


Most of my life has been spent in the Seattle area, which is located in the furthest parts of the Northwest United States.

Upon graduating from high school, I spent a few years in the U.S. Navy.  I decided the military wasn’t for me, so I left and started attending the University of Washington.  I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and went to work for various companies, mostly writing computer code.

A few years after graduating from the UW, the large semiconductor company that I was working for offered to foot the tuition bill for me to attend grad school, so I said “deal!” and attended the Oregon Health and Science University.  About three-quarters of the way through my studies, the company laid me off, and also a bunch of others, and sent the work to India.  I was able to complete my grad studies and came out of it with a Masters degree in Comp Sci, specializing in artificial intelligence ( AI ).

After finishing grad school, I climbed rocks for a couple of years.  During my rock climbing break, I spent several months in Spain, Germany, and some other countries that are good for rock climbing.

That was probably one of the smartest decisions I’d ever made.

When I started to get restless, I went back to work for the large semiconductor company, located in Portland, Oregon.  I worked as a contractor to fix the broken code that came back from India.  It was a sweet gig, as I was getting paid twice what I was making as a full-time employee.

Eventually, a couple years before the housing bust, I made my way back up to Seattle, and bought a condo in the Belltown neighborhood.  I worked contracting gigs for several years and slowly rode out the recession.  During this time, a company that started out selling books online and is named after a river in South America, came to be a large presence in Seattle.  This company is now massive and has basically taken over the city.  The upshot of this company’s growth is that the value of my condo went through the roof.

So, to wrap this up, about a year ago, I decided to give “smaller” town living a try.  I cashed out of my condo and decided to … as the 80s rapper Young MC says …

“Bust a Move!”

That move would entail getting the hell outta Seattle, which by this time had become a city of brogrammers, traffic, and generally stressed-out people.

With that being said, here I  be!  In Bend, Oregon!  WOOT!


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